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Cyber-hangouts for Melissa Fulwider

You can find me at all of these locations on a regular basis!  Come on over and visit!

twitter - Everyone should know about Tweets.  Add me to your follow list and keep up with crochet.

ravelry - All things pattern, yarn, knit, crochet, spin.  Come join in the Ravelry!

craftsy - This is a great site to get to know other crafters and artisans.  It's fun to post your own patterns!

fb - What do you mean, you don't know what "fb" stands for????

youtube - Where the lessons, tips and tricks will begin in Summer 2012!!!

etsy - This is an awesome community of artists.  There is some phenom stuff in here!  You have to check this site out!

CrochetMe - Sponsored by Intereweave, this is a community designed for crocheters, so everything is really specific to us.  Love this community!

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